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Uniting for Change: The SAG/WGA Strike - a call for Empowerment in the Age of AI

Actors and writers have long been the torchbearers of powerful storytelling and artistic expression in the entertainment industry. These artists use their talents to ignite conversations, challenge societal norms, and inspire change. Many on the front lines of the strike are artivists, merging their art with activism. This strike has shaken the foundation of the creative industry, leaving many to contemplate on the impact of the strike on their craft with the looming shadow of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A new dawn is rising over the entertainment industry marked by the call for change by artivists raising their voices on the picket line. This pivotal moment is about more than fair wages and working conditions it is also about the evolution of their craft.

The Call for Fairness and Creativity

The SAG/WGA strike represents a turning point in the entertainment industry. This strike is a result of the artists (writers, actors) desire for fair compensation and creative autonomy. It presents an opportunity for artivists to reclaim their creative power and to be compensated fairly. Many actors, and writers contend that the relentless pursuit for profit has overshadowed the true essence of storytelling leaving little room for their authentic voices. As a result Artivists from both guilds are demanding fair compensation from the profits being made by the big studios and streamers, and the right to shape their stories with artistic integrity. They came together, united in advocating for a future where their craft is respected, valued and protected.

While the strike has disrupted business as usual and the livelihood of many talented artists has been adversely impacted, they have faced the challenges, knowing their efforts are not just for themselves but for the betterment of the entire entertainment community. This is a call to reevaluate priorities and prioritize artistic integrity over commercial success.

AI and Its Impact on the future of storytelling

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology poses both challenges and opportunities for artivists. The rapid advancement of AI has created the capacity to generate scripts, manipulate footage, and even create lifelike virtual actors. While AI may be remarkable in its ability to streamline the creative process and generate innovative ideas, it raises concerns around the potential loss of the human touch in storytelling. Some worry AI driven content may overshadow the soul of storytelling, and that a homogenized and more formulaic approach to storytelling lacking human emotions and perspective will emerge. Others see the technology as an ally enabling more efficiency and aiding writers and director to bring their vision to life more effectively.

The Human Connection

The heart of storytelling is it’s ability to create profound human connections through the art of performance and the written word. There is no algorithm that can replace the raw emotions and depth infused into characters by actors or the nuanced storytelling weaved into scripts by writers. While AI can be used to streamline certain aspects of production, it will not be able to replicate the soul and essence that makes art transformative.

Unity in the Face of Change

Artivists recognize that new technology is important to innovation, and that AI should be embraced as a tool rather than a threat. They are just advocating for more balanced approach that values innovation and safeguards the nature of their craft as well. Combining the power of technology with the unique voices of artists sharing their human experiences, can create groundbreaking narratives that resonate deeply. The hope is that blending art and technology, will bring about an artistic renaissance rather than erode its foundations. The SAG and WGA artists are finding strength in their shared passion for storytelling and activism, standing together, determined to preserve the very essence of their craft and learn how to adapt to the evolving landscape. This strike has ignited a spirit of collaboration and resilience among the the artists and we only hope the unions, and the studios will honor the spirit of collaboration ignited in this moment.

A Call for Artistic Evolution

The SAG/WGA strike opened our eye to the importance banding together, not just for their own individual rights but for the future of the industry itself. As AI becomes more prevalent, artists will play an all important role in guiding its ethical use and keep a tight rein on its potential to replace rather than enhance their art. The hope is the studios will now be mindful of the potential impact AI can have on storytelling and will nurture an environment that fosters creativity, diversity, and inclusivity.

The artivists on the picket lines are marching forward, they carry the torch of their craft with unwavering determination, ready to adapt, evolve, and continue inspiring change through the timeless power of storytelling. They recognize that this strike is not just a battle for contracts and compensation, it is a movement to preserve artistry in the age of AI, a cry to reclaim creative power, and make a lasting impact on the art form they are passionate about. There is no doubt that the rise of AI presents many opportunities, but it also presents many challenges, that should not be ignored.


It is my belief that at the heart of storytelling is human connections emotion and passion and it is my hope that as the studios and the unions negotiate and discuss how they see the entertainment industry evolving, that they will preserve the essence of the actors and writers artistry with the same vigor they embrace innovation. I hope they have the foresight to recognize that this is a pivotal moment which marks a call to the empowerment of artists in the age of AI where if implemented correctly the marriage of creativity and technology can lead to new heights of cinematic expression.

The SAG/WGA strike is more than a quest for fair compensation; it is a rallying cry for artivists to reclaim their creative power and make a lasting impact on the art form they are devoted to. The rise of AI technology presents both challenges and opportunities, however, artivists remain steadfast in their belief that human connection, emotion, and passion will always be the heart of storytelling and cannot be replaced. As the entertainment industry evolves, the hope is, the powers that be will embrace innovation while preserving the essence of artistry.


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