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I want to get my film on Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Tubi and Crackle Do I need an Aggregator or can I do it myself? What’s the difference?

Come out and learn from industry professionals the in’s and outs, do’s and don’ts of getting your film on one of the major platforms.



4:15pm - 5pm

An Artivists Guide to Networking with John Broadway

This workshop will address how Artists, Activists, and Artivists can get the most out of Networking




1 - 2pm 

We are supposed to be the  living the “American Dream”, So Why are so many living in the “American Nightmare” Of Poverty?

Can we eliminate poverty? Yes we can!  But How? And Who will end it?


Here in America, we have the American Dream as the economic and moral standard by which we judge our achievements.  So the question becomes has the "American Dream" ideal played a role in the widespread issue of poverty currently touching nearly all communities across America?  We see the American Dream does not really apply to all people and Black and Brown people have had to fight for that dream.  As a result we can understand it role in the many Black and Brown Americans who end up disenfranchise and living in poverty.

While poverty is a major issue for many people in America it is especially rampant among Black and Brown  people.  Research shows that the United States leads all industrialized nations in having the highest poverty rates, especially our child poverty rates. When looking at other countries, especially the Scandinavian countries having the lowest poverty rates, one has to question, why? What are the factors contributing to the high rates of poverty in the United States and why are so many of our children living below the poverty line? 


That leads us to recognizing that there is no one reason for poverty.  It is multifactorial, the various inequities that exist in this country however, is a major factor.  Other issues such as the lack of access to education, discrimination, and  low wages are also contributing factors. There are many initiatives nationally and globally with the goal of eliminating poverty, however little progress has been realized, and whatever gains were made, was obliterated by the pandemic.  As a result of the pandemic, many families were at risk of being pushed into poverty.  We know the government bares responsibility for eradication poverty, however, here would like to explore the ideal of eliminating poverty in the United States, and around the globe, starting at the community, local and national levels, then looking globally. 


3:15pm - 4:15pm

Financial Wellness

Workshop with Tyrone Jackson - The Wealthy Investor

Calling all artists (actors, dancers, painters, filmmakers, dancers, painters.......) and our activists and those working in the non profit community come out and learn how to live your passion, live your purpose, do what you love and create wealth.



2 - 3pm

WEB 3 Onboarding Workshop with Takai The Artist

You have heard terms like  Bitcoin, Blockchain, NFT, Cryptocurrency, and still don’t understand what it is all about?  Join us and learn all about Cryptocurrency and NFT’s and even get your own wallet.


3:15 - 4:15 pm


The idea behind NFT is that technology should enable artists, creators to exercise control over their own works, to be able to control its sale, and have the ability to protect their work from appropriation. It was meant to protect against exploitation from industry professionals, galleries, labels, agents. It is meant to empower the artists. We know NFTs have allowed artists, particularly digital artists, to make money from their work by selling to the public.  We will explore whether artists are truly empowered, and is there true protection for the independent artists and what are the legal safeguards in place to protect the artists and their creation.



4:30 - 5:30pm


The Covid-19 pandemic struck the world in a deplorable manner, resulting in reversing years of development and progress. It has led to a widespread increase in poverty and joblessness among global individuals.

Global welfare organizations are embarking upon new initiatives to recover from the losses and get back on track with the sustainable development goals. The organizations are facilitating to transform the society’s relationship with nature, dismantling years of discrimination, and improper legal frameworks of human rights that create disadvantages for these individuals pushing them even forward towards poverty. But all these efforts come under centralized regulations, which might take years of procedures and court cases. Whereas blockchain and cryptocurrency do not require any centralized regulations and can provide access to financial services easily and instantly.

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to balance out the state of the global economy. It can create an even field, where everyone will have access to banking and financial services, most importantly access to money. Experts believe that it is not just a hoax, and if applied properly Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies can help eradicate poverty and elevate their living standards.

Jay Z, Lamar Wilson and Jack Dorsey started a Bitcoin Academy to do just that for the residents of the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn NY. as a means of combatting poverty in the projects of Brooklyn. Over 350 residents signed up, they offer classes such as“Careers in Crypto,” “Wealth Building and Assets,” “Bitcoin & Taxes,” and “Why Decentralization Matters.” We will explore how these classes actually help in the fight against poverty and how effective can cryptocurrency be in this war globally. 

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