Who We Are

Our Story

The Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival, an International Artivist Festival, was founded in 2016 to provide independent artists committed to social justice with a place through which to share their work with our global community. The festival seeks to give a platform to artists who use their voices in film, theatre, spoken word, painting, sculpture, and photography to bring to light such issues as, poverty, gender inequality, homelessness, hunger, physical and psychological abuse, racism, sex trafficking, war, mass incarceration, and grief, among others.

The festival is at the intersection of art and social justice, giving emerging and established independent artists a place to create, thrive and bring to market work that lets their voices be heard around the world. Through PTAFF, artists are allowed to take risks and tell their stories as they work to change the world.


Injustice in many forms is a reality affecting our global community. As artists, we have a responsibility to stand up against injustice. Many artists take action to turn these injustices around through their work. We seek to support and aide these artist as they help to transform, save, and change the lives of those who suffer, creating a sense of hope to fuel our struggle.



Our Mission

PTAFF inspires conversation and promotes a better understanding of the power that the arts wields in combating the injustices that have become a part of our daily lives.  

We celebrate those fearless artists who are willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of our times, holding themselves accountable for the change they desire to see.

In addition, PTAFF is committed to the following:

  • Affirm the place the arts have in strengthening our universal commitment to Human Rights and Social Justice.

  • Promote the arts as a powerful tool in the global dialogue of peace and mutual respect.

  • Bring together international filmmakers, performers, artists, and educators to present their work and share with community leaders and community audiences.

  • Promote healing through the arts, celebrate rich cultures, and share diverse experiences on a local and international level.

  • Create a pathway where socially conscious films and artwork can be a part of mainstream film distribution.

The Nathan George, Nuse Dekka, and Sheri Rosenberg Awards

These awards will be given to three individuals or organizations in recognition of their willingness to take up the mantle of activism and use art to take action. We celebrate the fact that through their efforts the lives of others have been impacted positively.  They have brought to light issues others have turned a blind eye to or been to afraid to address. We seek to celebrate and honor those individuals for their bravery, compassion, and love for humanity.

Board Members