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Independent artists and filmmakers using their work for social change and to bring awareness need our support. With your support we help these artists connect their work to audiences around the globe.   Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival is non-profit committed to brave and courageous artists willing to step out of convention and tell provocative, and poignant stories through film, theatre, painting and photography. Through your donation, you affirm the work of these artists for humanity.  Continue to affirm their work by making a fully tax-deductivle contribution today.  

PTAFF welcomes the partnership of support.

We encourage you today to think about the organizations you value and to support them with a donation.  PTAFF hopes to be one of your valued organizations.

The Pembroke Taparelli Arts Festival (PTAFF) is a celebration of Domestic and International Artists, (Filmmakers, Performers, visual artists) committed to fostering global social change through the Arts. We celebrate those fearless artists who willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of our times, holding themselves accountable for the change they desire to see.

 The core philosophy of the Festival is to present the highest quality films, art exhibits and performances that emphasize human rights, social and environmental issues with the focus that films of this genre can be entertaining, profound and inspiring for film lovers, humanitarians and social justice activists.

We hope our festival selections will inspire conversation and promote a better understanding of the power the arts wield in combating the injustices that has become a part of our daily lives.

 We are grateful for the past support of all our donors who supported our 2016, 2017, and 2018 festivals, and we welcome and hope for your continued support and donations. 

Larger capital is required to achieve success and we need your help.  Here are some of the ways your donations will help:

·         Administrative cost for new season

·         Marketing and public relations

·         Upcoming youth related events.


PTAFF is a young festival with big goals, seeking to share the works of emerging and established filmmakers, curating and presenting their work in a manner on par with the more well-known local, national and international festivals.