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For PTAFF 2019


Your art can make a difference; your documentary & narrative films can change the world one frame at a time. 

PTAFF seeks to give a platform to artists who seek to use their voice in film, theater, spoken word, painting, sculpture, and photography. Through our event, said artists can bring light to such issues as poverty, gender inequality, homelessness, hunger, physical and psychological abuse, racism,  sex trafficking, war, and grief.   

The festival is an intersection between art and social justice, giving independent artists a place to create, thrive and bring to market work they are passionate about without fear it will never be seen. Artists are allowed to take risks and tell their stories as they work to change the world.

We are dedicated to the discovery and presentation of emerging artists, giving them an opportunity to let their voices be heard around the world.  Injustice in many forms is a reality affecting our global community. As artists, we have a responsibility to stand up against injustice.  Many artists take action to turn these injustices around through their work.  We seek to support and aide these artists as they help to transform, save, and change the lives of those who suffer, creating a sense of hope to fuel our struggle.

Screenplay Competition

 Submit your feature length screenplays, shorts, or television series that range in length from 20 to 120 pages. We search for those that speak to the many social injustices we experience in the United States and on an international level. Make us laugh, cry, scream, shout, get up and take action.  Inspire and motivate us to "Change".

Your professional screenplay judge will prepare a one page, candid and professional assessment of your screenplay. Critiques will consist of detailed observations, criticisms, and constructive feedback. Along with this analysis, there will be thorough notes regarding its strengths, weaknesses, characters, pacing, plot, structure, marketability, originality and overall quality.  This document will be emailed to you in PDF format.

Would you like to receive your Judge's Feedback? ($50)

Feature Scripts: 70 - 120 pages

Short Scripts: Under 70 pages

Television Scripts: 20 - 75 pages


The PTAFF was a great experience for our film team. Like all other films at the festival, our film screened in a studio theater with absolutely amazing sound and picture quality. The staff was very responsive and helpful in the weeks leading up to the festival and during the festival. The PTAFF is one of the only festivals on the West Coast specifically geared towards social justice films. I hope it will stick around for many years to come. Since this year was the first annual event, they are still building up their visibility. In the future I would encourage activist filmmakers to submit to this festival and then to invest time into reaching out to the media and many organizations in the L.A. area to make sure you get a strong turnout for your film (i.e., help the festival to promote your film).
— Filmmaker Matthew Eddy "A Bold Peace"
We are submitting our Film to PTAFF because it is geared towards the Independent Artist, Social Justice and Raising Awareness to many important issues that need to be heard and addressed. The Festival Director Michelle “Andrea Meshel” Smith and her colleagues have done an outstanding job in putting together this Festival for it’s inaugural year. They were communicative and very supportive of our Film. We definitely will submit here again, and totally recommend other Filmmakers to submit to this wonderful Festival with so much potential.
— Filmmakers Cati & Mike Gonzalez "Ekaj"