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The Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival (PTAFF) is publishing a program book (similar to a "Playbill") for distribution at the 3rd annual Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival held at the Regal Theatre LA Live Downtown Los Angeles California. Ad space in this program book is available for sale to the general community. This is a major fundraiser for PTAFF - revenue from this fundraiser goes to support our 2019 Festival program.

Businesses get several times the advertising for the price of one. Ads in our program book get exposure on our website and social media pages. Our full and half page Ads will be specially featured on specific days before and during the festival. We will also provide an on-screen slideshow of the ads during the festival prior to each screening. For festival participants (filmmakers, performers) receiving personal messages, the program book makes a great memento. All proceeds benefit PTAFF.

Once you pay through our site, please send your advertisement/artwork to You may choose from the following ad sizes:

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2019 Sponsorship Opportunities Available

PTAFF seeks to partner with organizations and businesses committed to raising awareness and finding solutions to the inequalities in our society.  The convergence of activism and art provide high opportunity to increase your CSR by building better brand recognition, positive business reputation, increased sales and customer loyalty.  Consumers are more likely to support entities actively engaged in enriching their communities. For sponsorship opportunities please contact us at


Sponsors and Partners From Previous Years:


PTAFF 2018 - The Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival has chosen Health and Environmental injustice as this years' focus causes. We will partner with related organizations to present panels and workshops around these very important issues. Bringing awareness to the inequalities and within healthcare and the impact of airborne pollutants on minority and poor communities is paramount to PTAFF and our panels will explore these issues and the actions needed end these inequities in our communities.

2016: PTAFF Inaugural Event

• In 2016, we kicked off a successful event catering to over 100 film lovers and filmmakers from across the world with the premiere presentation of “Road to Redemption” A Jeta Amata film Starring Akon, Vica Bianco and Margaret Avery.

• PTAFF attracted multi-award winning films and directors from across the world, including Poland, India, Iran, United Kingdom, and Nigeria.

• Our panels brought together relevant leaders in social justice and social change to engage in discussions on homelessness and gun violence. We had the honor of hosting the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office, the Los Angeles Police Department and non-profits such as the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles; Fight for Peace of Brazil; the Los Angeles Mission; the California Women’s Law Center; Gwen Network; and Black Out for Humanity.

2017 Festival Highlights - True to the festival’s spirit, PTAFF hosted and brought together filmmakers from a variety of different countries, screen films from around the world and engaged audiences as they watched and participated in talkbacks with the filmmakers.

• We held our first annual PTAFF New York in October, there we Opened the event with a South African film which spoke to Mass Incarceration in a profound and unexpected way.

• Our New York and Los Angeles panels on Mass Incarceration and Education brought together educators, scholars, activists, formerly incarcerated individuals, and stake holders. We had the privilege of having Baz Dreisinger, Khalil Cumberbatch, Norris Dorsey, Yusef Wiley, Gina Belafonte, Geri Silva, Rafael Flores, Page Ostrow, Gerard Roebuck, Axia Rodriquez, Gene Adams, Marie Smith and organizations such as the Timelist Group, Amnesty International (Kristina Roth), Freedom Writers Foundation (Tiffony Jacobs), ImmiConnect (Horacio Arroyo) as speakers on our panels.

• PTAFF 2017 screened for the oscar committee Thomas Lennon’s “Knife Skills” which earned an Oscar Nomination

• PTAFF’s art exhibition featured the work of formerly incarcerated “Fulton Leroy Washington”, currently incarcerated men from Valley Correctional and men serving Life Without Parole (LWOP)