PTAFF 2016 Program

Opening Night Reception and Screening

Reception 7pm – 8pm


November 1st 8:15pm

World Premiere 

Road to Redemption

Starring Akon and Viva Bianca

Filmmaker Q & A

Tickets must be purchased online


Day of out reach, advocacy & wellness for California's homeless

November 2nd

 Professional graduates of: Life Energy Institute and the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing will provide services using reiki, massage, other forms of body work and  essential oils for 20 -50 women.  the women will also receive A special gift compliments of Amren Tulano Whose motto is "every womn deserves nice underwear". 



Day 2 – November 2nd

Chaplin Theatre

Hope for our Own – A LA Story  (56 mins) 4pm – 5:30pm
Filmmakers Q&A


Public Forum Panel #1  5:45pm – 6:45pm

The $100 million solution to homelessness in Los Angeles  - State of Emergency declared yet business as usual: What’s the battle plan for Garcetti’s war on homelessness? How does California’s plan measure up to the Federal plan to prevent and end homelessness

Homelessness in Los Angeles has exploded over the recent years makeshift sidewalk encampment line many city streets is this $100 million enough to end homelessness or is it just enough to start. How should the money be allocated in order to effectively address the issue.

Terri Detroit Hughes (Activist)
Alisa Orduna (Homelessness Policy Director – Mayor Garcetti’s Office)
Betsy Butler (Ca. Women’s law dept.)
Steve Diaz (Community Action Network)
Roxanne Jordan (LA Mission)

Public Forum Panel #2 7:15pm – 8:30pm

Performance by: Urban Voices Project: A Skid Row Choir

The unconventional homeless – Starving for their- art
How do you keep the dream alive without a place to call home?

The road to success in the entertainment industry for many is paved with extended periods of unemployment, homelessness, and hunger.  While the homelessness experienced by artists who eventually “make it” Is usually made to seem sexy, those day of couch surfing, living in your car, riding the rails, living 6 deep in a 4x6 in New York or LA were dark days for most.  Many artists who have achieved success in entertainment after overcoming their period of  homelessness do not speak on it or share those that do offer hope to those currently on the streets.  

Tess Cacciatore (Producer, Author of "From Homeless to the White House")
Marvin Wadlow (Table Setters)
Terri Detroit Hughes (Actress, Activist )
Pamela Walls (Singer,  Activist)
OG Rome (Rapper)


Mary Pickford Theatre

The Descendant  (80 mins) 4:30pm

Shorts (72 Mins) 6:30pm
Setting Sun  (7:12 mins)
Normal (17 mins)

For My Friends in Detention (12 mins)
The Sky Over Berlin of my Childhood (10:04 mins)
The Way It Should Be (26 mins)

We Are In It – (1:47 mins) 8:30pm


Douglas Fairbanks Theatre

Shorts  (87.3 mins) 5pm

You use, You Lose (14 mins)  
Reverse Psychology (7:30 mins)
Post Scriptum (20 mins)
Disability (20 mins)
Losing Ground  (26 mins)

Save Gangamaya  (1:27 mins) 6:45pm

Day 3 – November 3rd


Guns And Guitar (94 mins) 4pm

Shorts  (83 mins) 5:30pm
Days Young and Golden (19 mins)
Alma (22 mins)
Emma (17 mins)

Ice Cream for Breakfast (15 mins)
The Confession (10 mins)

Children of War (104 secs) 7:00pm

A Bold Peace (1:30 mins)

Hate Crime (90 mins) 9pm



Identity As An Act Of Courage: A Writing/Storytelling Workshop 4pm - 5:30pm

When the Music Stopped (30 mins) 5:45

Thou Art Dublin (56 mins) 

Solo Showcase Performance 8pm -10pm

MY Art  MY Voice - Sounds and Rhythms for Change


Chaplin Theatre

Fighting for Peace  4pm

Public Forum Panel #3 5pm – 6pm


Who is actually accountable for ending the violence in our society/community and in particular gun violence?

Violence in its many forms is widespread across the United States, violence crosses race, class,  and economic standing.  Violence in our society impacts our rights and freedoms in a myriad of ways.  The factors giving rise to the existence of violence are many, and the ways to Sop, End or Prevent it is as well.  

Gun Violence and the police use of deadly force stands out as the cause of the most deaths in America and specifically in our urban communities.  The need for adequate legislation to address this issue is paramount.  However until the federal government is able to pass legislation that address this issue, what can the States and Community Leaders do to STOP END PREVENT VIOLENCE and in particular GUN VIOLENCE due its disproportional impact on the lives of our urban communities.

Billie Weiss (Founder of the Violence Prevention Coalition)
Mende Smith (Candidate for Santa Monica City Council)
Nason Buchanan (Los Angeles Mayor's office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development)
Melvyn Hayward (Executive Director of H.E.L.P.E.R)
Fernando Rejon (Director at the Urban Peace Institute)
Kevin Welbeck (Actor, Activist, Founder and President of Cre8 The Change)
Diana Bonar  (Training and Instructional Development Coordinator for Fight for Peace, Brazil)


Public Forum Panel #4  6:30pm – 7:30 pm


What is the Entertainment Industry’s role and responsibility in the plan to STOP, END, or PREVENT VIOLENCE?

The debate on the impact that violence in the media has on our larger society has been an ongoing one for many years.  There has been studies, reports, articles and research speaking to the effects violence in the media has on society and in particular our children.  Violence in media has not only increased it has become more graphic, and sexual to the point where it is considered to be reaching dangerous proportions.  Violence is present in our Films, Television Programs, Music, and video games.  It is said that the constant and easy access to violent images lead to the belief that violence is everywhere.  The entertainment industry is seen by many as promoting  and advertisement for violence which may explain why gun manufacturers do not advertise.

With all the research studies, reports, and statistics that claim a correlation between exposure to violence through media and violence in society.  The entertainment industry continues to create and distribute films, television programs, music, and video games depicting violence without consideration of its effect to society at large.

Lin Evola (Founder,The Peace Angel Project)
Ariana Williams (Digital Media Group Coordinator at CBS Television Distribution)
Micheal Reddick (CEO/Founder Woot!Loop)
Bobby Avila (Grammy winning musician)

Search for Happiness (6mins) 8pm
Rooted In Peace  (1:28 mins)
Q&A with filmmakers  & Peace Advocates


Day 4 – November 4th

Douglas Fairbanks Theatre

Cast the First Stone (Gary Tyler Story) 4pm

GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution (1:30 mins) 5:45pm


Shorts 95mins  7:30pm

Truth About Flint (11:26 mins)
Remixing Color Blind (30 mins)
Little Boy Wonder (4:18) 
My People Are Rising (50 mins)

Oracabessa (111mins) 9pm


Mary Pickford Theatre

Shorts (68 mins) 4pm
I Don’t Like her (20 mins)
Hello or High Water (30 mins)
Testosterone (18 mins)

Soft Voice (60 mins) 5:30pm

EKAJ (1:20 mins) 7pm


Chaplin Theatre

Public Forum Panel #5 5pm – 6pm


As filmmakers seek to make films that inspire and create social change they are often conflicted with the need to make commercially viable films.  As they generally face the realities of life with the looming student loans, rent and food bills.  For most filmmakers the difficulty in finding financing and distribution for their films causes them many sleepless nights as they sacrifice to earn.  The percentage of filmmakers that actually stay the course and finally get more than their friends and family participating in a crowd funding campaign to help them get their film made decreases each year.  Even with the advent of the Iphones and Androids and the capability of shooting on a budget, movie making is a big-ticket item and most investors are interested in return on their investment. Filmmakers of socially relevant films tasking themselves with the desire to bring about change through their work, find it most challenging to secure financing and distribution for their passion induced projects.  

As the consciousness of the masses heighten and the desire of filmmakers to move beyond solely entertainment, to inspire, educate and inform their audience, how do they connect with industry partners interested in the financing, production, development, distribution and marketing of socially relevant films.

Rafael Flores (Independent Filmmaker)
Christopher Summa (Producer of “Boy who found Gold”)
Scott Budnick (Film Producer and Founder of Anti-Recidivism Coalition)

 Public Forum Panel #6 6:30 – 7:30 pm

Hollywood, Activism and the “Brand”– Artivism vs. The Brand

Throughout the years Hollywood stars (the A-List) have played important roles in political campaigns, used their name, status and money to support various movement and causes. However, there are many in entertainment industry be it athletes, actors, musicians who fail to speak up and address inequality, and injustice within the industry and in the society at large for fear of adversely affecting their “Brand”.   Is Artivism in Hollywood only for the A-Lister?

Shamell Bell (Black Lives Matter & Black Out for Humanity Celebrity Liaison and Street Dance Activist)
Elisa Brown (Classical Singer/Songwriter & host of the Heart of Art with Elisa Brown on PBS)
Matt Atchity (Editor in Chief of the Rotten Tomatoes)
Kevin Kim (Founder of MAD MAC Foundation)
Jeta Amata (Director "Road to Redemption", "Black November")

Boy Who Found Gold 8pm
Q&A with Filmmakers



This schedule is subject to change.