Take It To The Streets Block: Music, Dance and Culture

Take It To The Streets Block: Music, Dance and Culture

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Join us for Habana Eighth, Streetwrite, Slaying Our Inner Demons, and Pixan: The Ghost of Gongora on October 30, 2017 at the Maysles Cinema at 4:40 PM to 5:40 PM.

Habana Eighth - Synopsis:

The Cuban Revolution of 1959 brought chess competition and knowledge to the masses. Habana Eighth overlays recent footage with iconic images of US, Russian and Cuban leadership playing the geopolitical chess match started generations ago. Dueling English and Spanish subtitles.

Streetwrite - Synopsis:

STREETWRITE is a 23-minute movie musical about freedom of speech that asks the question, "How can speech be free, if only those who pay can speak?" The film examines the various ways people struggle to express themselves in situations where free speech is curtailed or suppressed. It also explores how certain kinds of expression can be repressive to individuals. Musical numbers convey these topics and the arguments that ensue are debated in a courtroom sequence. Graffiti, public murals, commercial billboards and hallway posters form the visual backdrop for these issues. Written by Blanche Baker

Slaying Our Inner Demons - Synopsis:

Based on the poem by Amaya Jenkins, 'Slaying Your Inner Demons' is a experimental visual essay about a generation of young people of color dissatisfied with the current geopolitical climate and alienated by colonial politics, and their need to transform themselves to bring change in this world.

Pixan: The Ghost of Gongora - Synopsis:

In collaboration with the Black Out for Human Rights Collective, UR Media presents "Pixán: The Ghost of Góngora". An experimental Poetic Essay honoring Luis Góngora Pat, a homeless undocumented Mayan immigrant who was murdered by the San Francisco Police Department on April 7th, 2016

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