Closing Film - Nothing Without Us

Closing Film - Nothing Without Us

10.00 12.50

Join us for the screening of "Snag" and “Nothing Without Us: The women who will end AIDS

November 3rd, Los Angeles, CA

November 10th, New York, NY

The Snag 8 mins

When Camille meet Etienne, there is something more than usual. But she has a secret which will ruin everything between them : she has HIV. When she runs away and then he catches her, the complicity turned to a lack of understanding. Despite their shared desire, those two hearts will hurt each other.

Nothing Without Us: The women who will end AIDS 67 mins

Nothing Without Us is the first and only documentary telling the story of the inspiring women at the forefront of the global AIDS movement. Combining archival footage and interviews with female activists, scientists and scholars in the US and Africa, “Nothing Without Us: The Women who Will End AIDS” reveals how women not only shaped grassroots groups like ACT-UP in the U.S., but have also played essential roles in HIV prevention and the treatment access movement throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The film explores the unaddressed dynamics that keep women around the world at risk of HIV, while introducing the remarkable women who have the answers to ending this 30-year old pandemic.

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