"Music and Mental health

"Music and Mental health

10.00 12.50

Join us for the screening of "Sounds From the Backyards" and “Going Mental” PG-13

Sounds of the Backyards 20 mins

There is an underground music scene present in the backyards of Los Angeles. It has been put on by the youth, for the youth, ever since the original punk rock movement of the late 1970's. It is made up of young like-minded people, coming from either broken homes and/or low income communities. This documentary explores the social issues and the talent coming out of the scene. The youth organizes, promotes and plays the shows in backyards, keeping alive this thriving DIY scene as an outlet to not only deal with their issues, but make friends and simply blow off some steam.

Going Mental 20 mins

After transferring to a new school, Shaina attempts to follow the advice of the high school counselor to bottle up her anxieties. But once she meets Dale, a happily depressed student, that idea is challenged by his views and the lyrics of songs they both enjoy.

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