Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

10.00 12.50

Join us for Color of Change and Trailing Pond

Thursday November 1st, Los Angeles Ca

Thursday November 8th, New York, NY

Color of Change 21:27 mins

Experience Greenland through the eyes of Artist Zaria Forman, Nasa scientist, John Sonntag and Inuit Elder Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq "Uncle." Zaria travels to Greenland for inspiration for her next body of work, and to visit the fjord where she spread her mother’s ashes. Sonntag is the lead scientist for Operation IceBridge - he and his crew work tirelessly gathering information on the ice sheet. Uncle is an inuit elder who speaks for the ice. His elders saw the “big ice” melting for the first time in the 1960s. The intersection of art, culture and science in a region defined by climate change. 

Trailing Pond 23:55 mins

"Tailing Pond" is a expose of India’s post-independence nuclear program. This film investigates the horrifying effects of uranium extraction on the health of the indigenous population of Jaduguda whose human rights have been violated by the Indian government since 1967. In East India, thousands of young children are falling ill and ultimately dying due to radioactive waste pollution. This tragedy has been covered by many credited media platforms and news outlets but never in-depth where the human toll has a face and name. It's time for the Indian Government's decades-long conspiracy of lies to come to light..

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