Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival

"Artivism...By any medium necessary"

The Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival was founded as a means to provide independent artists committed to social justice with a place through which to share their work our global community.

Thank you For you generous Donations


2017 Donors

Name on the big Screen!

VaughnTVShow     Plataforma Minima    


Name all over the place!

Chijioke Ejimuda     AdrianHarper-Vassell     Judith Pickle     Tara Burgoyne-Elliott     La Franz D. Pitts     Tracy Vroom


Names and Places! 

Christine Delince     Marva C. Brown


Places, Faces, Spaces! 

P. R. Talley     Kenneth Sills



Douglas Gamet & Nancy McLean





Rob Dog I.A.T,S.E Local 476 Studio Mechanics











Special thanks to 2016 Donors


Brian Benson                                                Sherrie Fields

Tristan Brown                                               Kelly Madden                                             

Sterling Smith                                              Rachel Hollingsworth

Christine Delince                                         Shae Brannon    

Nana Gyimah

Adrian Harper

Marva Henry

Judith Lee

Pauline Jones

Leonard Noisette

Rickie Peete

Richard Robinson

Nancy Wicker

Cynthia Calley

Deborah A. Thomas

Kelly Madden

Sterling Smith

Shae Brannon

Rachel Hollingsworth