YOUr donations makes a difference

Independent artists and filmmakers using their work for social change and to bring awareness need our support. With your support we help these artists connect their work to audiences around the globe.   Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival is non-profit committed to brave and courageous artists willing to step out of convention and tell provocative, and poignant stories through film, theatre, painting and photography. With your donation you affirm the work of these artists for humanity.  Continue to affirm their work by making a fully tax-deductivle contribution today.    PTAFF welcomes the partnership of support.

Your Generous Donations will allow over 200 youth and families of currently incarcerated attend the festival free of cost

it will also cover the festivals' production, marketing and administrative expenses such as:


Art Exhibition

Musical Concert

Honorariums for Panelists



Administrative Stipends